XING dressing: a dressing technique for tapered [or V-shaped] diamond grinding wheels

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Beim XING-Dressing steht die Abrichtscheibe im 90° Winkel zur Schleifscheibe

When it comes to XING dressing in a Multigrind® grinding machine, the dresser wheel is positioned at a 90° angle to the grinding wheel.

XING dressing promotes precision

In addition to many other factors, the grinding wheel has a considerable impact on the grinding results in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Take for instance profile inserts, which our users grind on our Multigrind® grinding machines. They tend to use tapered [or V-shaped] diamond grinding wheels, which have to be dressed on a regular basis, meaning the correct, geometric shape has to be maintained to ensure excellent grinding results. At Haas we dress these grinding wheels using the XING dressing procedure.

XING dressing is gentle on the grinding wheel

For XING dressing, the dresser wheel isn’t positioned parallel to the grinding wheel, but rather at a 90° angle, thus maintaining a consistent contact surface and pressure between the grinding wheel and dresser wheel. For sensitive tapered [or V-shaped] wheels, which often feature an edge radius of just a few hundredths of a millimeter, that means a lower pressure load. Additional benefits of the XING dressing technique include less wear on the dresser wheel and higher profile accuracy for the grinding wheel. Like all other dressing techniques at Haas, XING dressing is also carried out inside the grinding machine, so there’s no need to unclamp and reclamp the grinding wheel. All that has a positive effect on dimensional accuracy, while the grinding wheel achieves better radial and axial runout, making it possible to generate better surfaces.

XING-dressing a tapered [V-shaped] wheel for grinding profile inserts

XING dressing used to be called cross dressing

That’s right, many of our users still know XING dressing as cross dressing. But because “cross-dressing” means something completely different in English and we received some amusing feedback, we decided two years ago to use the term “XING dressing” instead. What does XING mean? XING is the abbreviation for “crossing” in American English. We’ve also expanded this dressing process into other applications, including profile grinding wheels, grinding pencils or quills, grinding wheels with other grain types, and ceramic and hybrid-bonded grinding wheels.

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