When It Comes to Grinding, the Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

How many individual components are there in a Haas Multigrind® grinding machine?

That’s a good question. With each individual screw counted separately, our specialists skillfully incorporate over two thousand parts along the assembly line. Following production, our users have a flexible, extremely precise CNC grinding machine with which they can grind a whole host of machining tools and components, from the smallest cutting tool to enormous compressor rotors.

The Haas Schleifmaschinen approach is to grind each workpiece in as few clamping processes as possible. When it comes to developing the grinding procedure, our primary goal is always full-sequence machining in a single clamping process, which we’re almost always able to achieve thanks to our expertise and experience in clamping systems as well as the sophisticated Multicube kinematics of our machines. Whether you’re grinding prosthetic knees or machining turbine blades for the aviation industry.

If you like our 3D animation and are interested in seeing how our Multigrind® grinding machines are built and, more importantly, how they work, then we look forward to your visit in Trossingen. Feel free to bring us a demanding grinding task.

Keep grinding with attitude!

Dirk Wember

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  1. Paul Injae Cho

    05/07/2016 @ 18:30

    I am very interested your remarkable grinding machine ever met.


    JOOIL, LJ metalcasting Texas


  2. Paul Injae Cho

    14/06/2016 @ 04:14

    Dear Aerospace, CNC Grider, Grinding Machine

    I am interested in Multigrind® grinding machines!
    Would you please give me details.

    Dr. Cho
    Jooil, Lord Jesus Metalcasting, Dallas, Texas

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