Pasta, Parmesan, Precision Tools: EMO 2015

Multigrind® CU Schleifmaschine von Haas. Foto: Herbert Naujoks
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Multigrind® CU.

There are plenty of good reasons to go to Milan: the cathedral, the fashion, La Scalla, the food. But this year there’s another really good reason: the capital of Lombardy will be hosting EMO, which in turn will be hosting our trade fair booth. From October 5 to 10, we’ll be showing you how to economically produce machining tools and components big and small with superior precision on Haas Multigrind® grinding machines. We would like to invite you to our Booth G12/H11 in Hall 14.

Always the Right Fit: The Multigrind® CU
The new Haas Multigrind® CU is the ideal grinding machine for all manufacturers of precision tools, regardless of whether you regrind, manufacture special tools, or produce large batches. The CU grinds tools up to a length of 300 mm and a diameter of 180 mm, and leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to full-sequence machining. This compact powerhouse only requires 3.84 square meters of space and offers superior grinding technology, including tool changer for 9 grinding tools, flexible dresser unit, and pallet loader with pivot drive – all in superior Haas quality! Interested? Write to us

Cross-Dressing-Abrichteinheit für Haas Multigrind® Schleifmaschinen. Foto: Herbert Naujoks
Haas Schleifmaschinen: XING-Dressing.

XING-Dressing: The Pinnacle of Truing Technology
If you want to achieve exceptional, reproducible grinding results, you need to be able to lathe at various set screws at the same time, such as the grinding machine with spindle, clamping device, machine table, and axis, then the grinding software, and finally the grinding tool. The grinding wheels need to be dressed continuously, meaning brought back into the correct geometric form again, to ensure the desired grinding results. At Haas, we dress tapered wheels, which are primarily used in grinding cutting tools, using the XING-Dressing procedure, meaning the dressing wheel is not parallel to the tapered wheel, but turned 90 degrees. This maintains a consistent contact surface and pressure between the tapered wheel and dressing wheel, resulting in less pressure load for the sensitive tapered wheels, which often have an edge radius of just a few hundredths of a millimeter. Additional benefits of the XING-Dressing procedure include less wear on the dressing wheel and higher profile accuracy for the tapered wheel. Like all other dressing procedures at Haas, cross dressing is carried out in the machine, so there’s no need to unclamp and re-chuck the grinding wheel.

Bohrer-Flächenanschnitt. Screenshot: Multigrind® Horizon
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Multigrind® Horizon.

Ensuring a Seamless Process:
Special Software Module for Rotary Tools

Launched in 2011, the geometry-based Multigrind® Horizon grinding software continues to win over countless users to this day. With the “rotary tools” module, Haas provides users with brand-new options, beginning with the design of the tool (milling tool, drill, step drill, etc.) and extending well beyond definition of the geometry (cutting edge, chip surface, chip grooves, angle of twist, etc.). It goes without saying that the Multigrind® Horizon grinding software runs on all Multigrind® grinding machines and is very easy to use. It even makes it possible to modify geometry on the machine.

Konturschlichten eines Stempelwerkzeugs. Screenshot: Haas Multigrind® Horizon
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Multigrind® Horizon.

Tool with Punch, Literally: Grinding Stamping Tools and Punches with Precision
The challenges associated with grinding punches and stamping tools are achieving high removal rates when grinding from solid and the required profile accuracy despite often complex geometries. Thanks to their especially axisymmetric kinematics and stability, our Multigrind® grinding machines allow you to achieve very high removal rates and maximum precision in equal measure. The grinding program couldn’t be any easier to use thanks to our Multigrind® Horizon grinding software, which uses 3D simulation to help you complete the grinding program one step at a time.

See you in Milan!

Dirk Wember and Thomas Bader

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