Invitation to the Premiere at the 2017 Paris Air Show

Haas Schleifmaschinen: Tool magazine - 70 grinding wheels.

The new Haas Schleifmaschinen tool magazine holds up to 70 grinding wheels. At the Paris Air Show 2017 we will show you how it can turn our grinding machines into automated production units for aerospace components.

The high-pressure components of an aircraft engine are subjected to enormous thermal and physical stresses (temperature and pressure). The materials used in these high-quality components are correspondingly sophisticated: nickel and cobalt superalloys and tungsten-molybdenum, titanium, and titanium aluminide alloys. “Grinding is the only option,” says our Head of Software in an interview, which you can read here.

With our Multigrind® CA and Multigrind® CB grinding machines, renowned companies in the aerospace industry can machine a whole host of components for the low, intermediate and high-pressure areas of an aircraft turbine, including blades, vanes, shroud and seal segments. The aim is always to achieve automated full-sequence machining in a single clamping. But it doesn’t stop there!

With the new Haas Schleifmaschinen tool magazine for up to 70 grinding wheels and 20 grinding wheel guards, our users can turn our grinding machines into completely automated production units for unmanned, high-precision, and economical machining.

Interested? Then come to the 2017 Paris Air Show in Le Bourget between June 19 and 25, and visit us at Stand A16 in Hall 4, where we’ll be demonstrating the new shelf magazine in conjunction with a Multigrind® CA grinding machine.

We look forward to seeing you in Le Bourget!

Dirk Wember & Thomas Bader

Haas Schleifmaschinen: Tool magazine for up to 70 grinding wheels and 20 wheel guards.
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