Huge Challenge, Effective Solution
New Tool Magazine with 70 Spaces

Platz für 70 Schleifscheiben und 20 Kühlmittelschutze bietet das neue Haas-Werkzeugmagazin
Haas Schleifmaschinen: 70 grinding wheels and 20 coolant nozzles.

The Epitome of Flexibility: Space for 70 Grinding Wheels
Admittedly, we’re proud of the tool changers that we usually equip our Multigrind® CA and Multigrind® CB grinding machines with. The Multigrind® CB’s doublewheel changer holds up to 12 grinding wheels (diameter 300 mm), while users can equip the Multigrind® CA’s patented double-wheel pickup changer with up to 14 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 250 mm. And that’s enough for most applications. But the pressure of rising costs is now forcing manufacturers of aerospace components, medicinal products and machining tools – to name just three industries – to seek out new opportunities to save.

Tool Magazine Minimizes Setup Costs
Minimizing setup costs is one option for reducing unit costs. In other words, workpieces should be machined in a single clamping if at all possible. All of the necessary grinding or milling tools therefore need to be at the ready in the tool magazine, for tool changing in a flash. Further benefits include increased dimensional accuracy and thus product quality, as errors resulting from re-chucking are eliminated.

At Haas, we always look forward to new technical challenges and were therefore delighted to help a large customer in the aerospace industry achieve its goal of producing entire ranges of parts as well as multiple product variations with minimal setup costs. That was about a year ago and the new Haas storage magazine with an unbelievable 70 spaces has now been accepted by the customer and will soon be delivered. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the assembly employees are quite proud of their baby.

New Storage Magazine Live at GrindDate 2017 in Trossingen
If you’re interested in experiencing the new storage magazine live, we’d like to invite you to our GrindDate 2017 event, which will be held in Trossingen from 27 to 29 April. You can discover for yourself the capacity and performance of our tool magazine in connection with our Multigrind® CA grinding machine there in our showroom. Of course the new magazine is also compatible with the Multigrind® CB.

Das neue Haas-Regalmagazin mit 70 Plätzen verleiht der CA noch mehr Flexibilität
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Tool magazine - 70 spaces for more flexibility.

Tool Change in Ten Seconds
One side of the Haas storage magazine (2,000 × 2,400 × 3,200 mm, L × W × H) offers space for 70 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 250 mm for the Multigrind® CA grinding machine and 65 grinding wheels with diameter of 300 mm for the Multigrind® CB grinding machine. The other side features 20 coolant nozzles. The storage magazine stands on four levelling feet at the back of the grinding machine, but is not mechanically connected to it. It goes without saying that the new tool magazine is integrated into our Multigrind® Horizon grinding software.

The interface to the grinding machine is the shuttle table in the machine. The storage magazine’s linear handling is responsible for transporting grinding wheels and coolant nozzles. The linear axes offer a speed of 60 m/min and acceleration of 5 m/s2. The magazine is loaded via the loading door. Grinding wheels and coolant nozzles are lined up one behind the other and, once the door is closed, selected by the handling system and placed at the specified location. The machine’s shuttle table replaces the usual tool changer and, with a linear and swivel axis, takes over grinding wheel and coolant nozzle handling in the workspace. A safety door protects the storage magazine from oil mist. All in all, it only takes the grinding machine ten seconds to change the tool!

Due to the response so far, we predict that our new tool magazine will meet with a high degree of interest, primarily among manufacturers that need to produce entire ranges of parts or require more than 15 grinding wheels for individual workpieces.

If you’d like to know more about our new storage magazine, send me an e-mail or speak to us at our GrindDate event. Hopefully we’ve aroused your interest!

Until then and: Schleifen Sie gut!

Thomas Bader

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