Grinding machines for lathe operators

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Turned part manufacturers, whether they be in the automobile industry or another demanding and price-sensitive line of business, need to be flexible and react quickly to the demands of their clients.Formstechplatte, geschliffen auf einer Multigrind® CA von Haas.

The ability to develop and grind your own cutting tools specially suited to your unique needs is to your advantage. Our Multigrind®AF and CA grinding machines allow you to efficiently produce high-precision turning and rotary tools in a huge variety of shapes – even really complex ones. Intersecting surfaces, extremely flat clearance angles, high-precision edges between differently inclined surfaces, uniform chip surfaces: all are challenges that users can master hassle-free with our grinding machines and Multigrind®Horizon grinding software.

I wish I could put the superb turning insert shown above directly into your hand. Unfortunately, the internet can’t beam things just yet. But if you would like to be personally persuaded of the outstanding quality of Haas Machine-produced precision tools, just write me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful day!

Thomas Bader


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