Grinding Machine Instead of Salt and Bread

Schleifmaschine HS 1 und Bewunderer: Marc Jung, Robin Peter, Thomas Plocher, Thomas Bader, Torsten Ositschan, Dirk Wember, Wolfram Hermle.
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Full admiration for the HS 1.

A Grinding Machine as a Housewarming Gift
By now, you’ve probably heard the news: we moved into our new head­quarters, located at Adelbert-Haas-Strasse 1 in Trossingen, and have been hard at work there since the beginning of November. In many countries as in Germany, the custom is to give salt and bread as a house­warming gift. Together with our workshop supervisor Torsten Ositschan and head of production Thomas Plocher, our two vocational trainees Marc Jung and Robin Peter came up with a better idea and, as you can see, really hit it out of the park. My colleagues Thomas Bader, Wolfram Hermle, and I were really excited about the professionally restored HS 1 universal grinding machine as a housewarming gift. Once again, we’d like to say thank you very much!

Da geraten selbst gestandene Ingenieure ins Träumen.
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Real surprise - Universal Tool Grinding Machine HS 1.

Produced for Longer than the VW Beetle
Incidentally, the HS 1 Universal Tool Grinding Maschine, as it is correctly called, was produced for even longer than the VW Beetle. The HS 1 was built from 1937 to 2004; the Beetle was “only” produced from 1938 to 2003. You can be sure that this long-lasting grinding machine is still running at many companies – grinding and grinding and grinding away. In fact, I can name two examples off the top of my head – here at our headquarters in Trossingen and at Franzmann Gem Grinding in Idar-Oberstein. In an upcoming post, we are going to speak with Horst Bader, our company’s former owner, about what makes the HS 1 so special. 

Ein Bild von einer Schleifmaschine
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Universal Tool Grinding Maschine HS 1.

So until then – keep grinding with attitude!

Dirk Wember

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