All the way to AMB for 1600-mm-worth of grinding machine? Introducing the new Multigrind® CU

Haas Schleifmaschinen: Multigrind® CU.

1600 millimeters that make it pay to go to AMB
The amount of concentrated Haas Schleifmaschinen grinding technology you can pack into a width of 1.6 m is amazing, isn’t it? Take a Haas spindle with 8,000 rpm and 12 kW (18,000 rpm or 70,000 rpm optional), for example. Add a tool changer that you can equip with 9 225-mm-diameter grinding wheels. We’ve also integrated a dresser unit (parallel or XING-Dressing) and an automation unit with 4 pallets. The new Multigrind® CU contains some mighty fine grinding technology, and we’ve put it in a fine package – in a cabin with a great view. Multigrind® Horizon, our intuitive grinding software, controls the new, compact powerhouse.

Who do we build this machine for? On the one hand, for precision machining tool manufacturers – and on the other, for everyone who grinds high-quality, high-precision components.

Curious? Then we look forward to seeing you at AMB, International Exhibition for Metal Working, in Stuttgart. You will find us in Hall 8, Booth 8B71 from September 16-20. Experience the new Multigrind® CU up close.

So until then – keep grinding with attitude!

Thomas Bader and Dirk Wember

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