Download the µ Poster from Haas

3. Juli 2013

German version

The Haas µ poster

The Haas µ poster

How big is a µ or micrometer?
Hardly a day goes by without some­body asking this question via a search engine and then landing on our Schleif­blog (grinding blog). After all, the Germans – and particularly we Swabians – are renowned the world over for being scrupulously precise. If need be, down to the very last “Muggaseggele” or hair’s breadth.


They even say that some Swabian mechanical engineers spend their free time splitting the µ instead of firewood! As the manufacturers of high-precision Multigrind® grinding machines, who spend our working lives deeply immersed in the micrometer range (0.001 or 10-6; ) we think this rumor sounds highly plausible.

For anybody who’s interested – and who doesn’t spend every spare minute splitting the µ – the Haas µ poster is now available in two sizes as a PDF file for down­loading and printing out. Simply click the appropriate link:

How big is a µ? A4 (210 × 297 mm)
How big is a µ? A3 (297 x 420 mm)

Poster : Que représente 1 µm ? (DIN A4)
Poster : Que représente 1 µm ? (DIN A3)

張り紙: マイクロメートルの大きさとは? (DIN A4)
張り紙: マイクロメートルの大きさとは? (DIN A3)

招贴: 1微米的概念? (DIN A4)
招贴: 1微米的概念? (DIN A3)

Have a good measure!

Thomas Bader


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