Christmas Present in February: Mikroverktyg Receives a Multigrind CB® Grinding Machine

Nach 1.700 km endlich am Ziel bei Mikroverktyg.
Mikroverktyg AB: Multigrind® CB - after 1,700 km finally reades its final destination.

Do you remember Björn Borg, the Swedish tennis legend who won at Wimbledon five times in a row in the 80s? Borg revolutionized the game of tennis in his time. He was the first player to employ two different grips for forehand and backhand and wore down his opponents with his precisely executed topspin. And he looked good doing it…

From Trossingen to Södertälje
So what does that have to do with Haas grinding machines? Well, Björn Borg, who brought coolness to the center court, grew up in Södertälje, a city southwest of Stockholm. And we delivered a Multigrind® CB grinding machine to Södertälje a couple weeks ago. After nearly 1,700 kilometers on the lowboy trailer, the Multigrind® CB arrived at the Mikroverktyg AB company in excellent shape – in other words, Christmas in February.

Noch verpackt, aber fast schon einsatzbereit.
Mikroverktyg AB: Just about ready to go...

Power and Precision
Mikroverktyg can look back on 90 years of history and is now one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision gear components, gear wheels, and other components. Mikroverktyg products can be found in airplanes, helicopters, cars, commercial vehicles, hydraulic pumps, printing machines, and more. We’re delighted that the Mikroverktyg machining pros can rely on the power of the Multigrind® CB, and we’re confident that our grinding machines will be every bit as powerful and precise as the famous Björn Borg. And looking as good as it does, the machine’s sure to turn heads too, don’t you think?

We would like to thank Mikroverktyg for placing its trust in our company and say: keep grinding with attitude!

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