Can you pronounce Schleifscheibenwechsler?
[ˈʃlaɪ̯fˈʃaɪ̯bənˈvɛkslɐ] (grinding wheel changer)

I just came across this interesting video from Babbel Magazine. People from different nations were asked to pronounce 8 tricky German words:

Now, I have another word you could try pronouncing in German: Schleifscheibenwechsler [ˈʃlaɪ̯fˈʃaɪ̯bənˈvɛkslɐ]. Believe me, even a lot of Germans have difficulties to pronounce that correctly. What is that, a Schleifscheibenwechsler? It is a grinding wheel changer. Some call it tool changer as well.

The Haas-double-wheel pickup tool changer in our Multigrind® CA. Foto: Herbert Naujoks.
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Double-wheel pickup tool changer - Multigrind® CA.

In our Multigrind® CA for example we offer (optional) a double-wheel pickup tool changer that can be equipped with 20 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 100 mm, or 12 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 250 mm. Switching between wheels during the grinding process only takes a few seconds. Sounds good? It is good, especially when you need different grinding wheels for grinding one workpiece. The automated series production of various workpieces, like precision tools for machining, would be a good example.

Want to see the Schleifscheibenwechsler live? Why don’t you meet us at the GrindTec in Augsburg (March 16 to 19). You’ll find us in hall 7, stand 7001.

See you then!

Dirk Wember

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