All good things come in fives! Full-sequence processing when grinding medical tools

5 Schleifscheiben auf einem Flansch zur Komplettbearbeitung.
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Five grinding wheels on flange for full-sequence machining.

Full-Sequence Machining: Grinding, Filming, Photographing
There is always a lot going on at Haas at the end of the year, since many of our valued customers want “their” Haas grinding machine under the Christmas tree. We are doing our best, just like our American colleague Casey Spurgeon. In addition to his challenging job on the production floor, a couple of days ago he also patiently oversaw a film and photo shoot. A team from our advertising partner filmed and photographed a very interesting grinding project on a Multigrind® CA.

Unsere amerikansichen Kollegen David Drechsler (Vordergrund) und Casey Spurgeon im Gespräch.
Haas Schleifmaschinen: Our American colleagues.

In the future, our customer will use this machine to grind rotationally symmetrical medical tools. Due to the CA’s exceptional kinematics, the entire grinding process is fully automated and carried out in only one clamping. That isn’t only extremely cost-effective, but also extremely precise. To achieve this, we packed five grinding wheels onto one flange and implemented a well-thought-out, efficient grinding program with our Multigrind® Horizon grinding software.

Do you have a challenging grinding job too? I would love to hear all about it – just send me an e-mail!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Dirk Wember

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